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If you don't find the answers to your questions below in the FAQs, then please email us and we'll help you.

The contact details are on the Contact Us page but please give us time to answer especially at busy period close to the closing date. If we've received you email before the deadline then we will still accept your entry.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  2. Entry fees
  3. You & Your Copyright
  4. Eligible Images
  5. Choosing Your Images
  6. Online Entry
  7. Image Returns
  8. Staying In Touch
  9. Latest updates from TPOTY
  10. TPOTY Exhibitions
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Your questions answered:

  1. Key dates:

      When are the awards open for entry?

      2013 Awards: OPEN: 17th April. CLOSE: 1st October.

      When will you announce the results?

      Shortlisted entries will be announced at the beginning of November and FINAL RESULTS in early December.

  2. Entry Fees:

      Why do you charge an entry fee?

      Quite simply, to cover the TPOTY running costs including: TPOTY awards, exhibitions, books and administration.

  3. You & Your Copyright:

      Do I still own the copyright of the images I submit?

      YES! TPOTY is passionate about photographers' copyright and we don't believe that you should lose yours simply because you enter a competition.

      When you submit images to us you approve their promotional use for TPOTY only. This includes press activity around the awards, TPOTY books, exhibitions and website (if chosen).

      You remain free to use your images however you wish. We make no claim on ownership and do not attempt to restrict your use of your images in any way

      * If we are approached to use your images (in a way that does not promote TPOTY) we will put you in touch direct or negotiate a fee on your behalf with the person interested in your images.

      Will you claim an unlimited licence for Travel Photographer of the Year or your sponsors to reproduce any images which I enter?

      No. Absolutely not. This is a trick used by many competitions to get around the copyright issue. Please see above.

      Travel Photographer of the Year does now produce and sell the TPOTY Collection of prints and cards – however, these are produced in association with and with full permission from the photographers concerned. All TPOTY Collection images are goverened by a written agreement with the photographers and these photographers receive royalties for cards or prints sold.

  4. Eligible Images:

      Are black and white images accepted?

      Absolutely - take a look at the Winners' Galleries from previous years and you will see some stunning B&W images, not least Larry Louie's wonderful photographs that won the overall prize in 2010. And this year, for the first time, we have a B&W only category - Monochromal.

      Are panoramic images accepted?

      Yes! In fact, our overall winner in 2007 won with panoramic images, and in 2006 there were two panoramic winners, one runner up and a commended.

      Do you accept transparencies?

      No, but we accept prints or scans from transparencies. Unfortunately too many entrants submitted great pictures as poor quality duplicate slides. This meant that the judges couldn't assess the images properly, and potentially winning entries were poor quality and eliminated as a result. Regrettably we took the decision to accept prints and online submissions only - and, of course, those prints or online submissions can come from images originally shot as transparencies or shot on film or shot digitally.

      Are digital images accepted?


      How much digital manipulation can I do?

      You may use digital manipulation to optimise an image.

      PERMITTED: Brightness, contrast, levels, curves and colour balance can all be adjusted. Dust spots and minor elements etc. can be retouched. You may make adjustments to selected areas on an image. Images can be sharpened before printing. Photo cropping is permitted.

      NOT PERMITTED: Adding or removing key elements of the composition other than by cropping.

      Can I enter composite or montaged images?

      No, composite or montaged images, from more than one original image, are not eligible. This includes images shot at different exposures/dynamic ranges (HDR) and combined. However, multiple exposure 'in camera' is permitted.

      Images stitched to form a panoramic image are only permissible where stated in an individual category brief.

      The reason for this is that TPOTY is a photography award not a digital manipulation award. If you have any doubts about the permissibility of your images then please contact us before submitting your entry. We will be happy to clarify.

  5. Choosing Your Images:

      What is a portfolio?

      A portfolio is a set of images which fit together to tell a story with a theme.

      The main TPOTY portfolio categories are four (4) images.

      The New Talent award is six (6) images.

      Is it important to send images which fit the category themes or can I just send my best pictures regardless?

      Themes are important because the judges use them to select the winning entries. Please make sure you choose images which fit the themes. If you have a fantastic image which doesn't seem to fit then don't be tempted to enter it - keep it for next year.

  6. Online Entry:

      Can I submit my entry online?

      Yes. We accept entries online or in print form. HD Video entries must be made by DVD through the post.

      Will entries be judged online?

      All but the final round of judging will be conducted online. Shortlisted entrants who submitted online will then be required to submit prints for final judging.

  7. Image Returns:

      Can I have my prints back?

      Yes, if you provide a suitable stamped addressed envelope and pay for the return postage. This also applies to non UK entries. You'll find full details on the Print Entries page.

  8. Staying In Touch:

      What if I move house or change email address before you announce the results?

      Just email us and we'll update your records.

  9. Latest updates from TPOTY:

      How often does the TPOTY site change?

      We update the site regularly so make sure you refresh your browser whenever you visit the TPOTY site so that you always see the latest pages and information.

      How can I get the latest news from TPOTY?

      We send regular e-newsletters to entrants and interested photographers and travellers. If you would like to receive these updates then please click here and send us your contact details. You'll also find the latest news about TPOTY, its entrants and sponsors on our blog.

  10. TPOTY Exhibitions:

      Where can I see the winning images exhibited?

      TPOTY has agreed a five-year partnership to hold major exhibitions each year at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London. From 2013/14 the TPOTY exhibition will travel internationally. Dates, venues and countries will be announced here on this website - on the news and exhibition pages - on the blog and in our e-newsletters.

  11. TPOTY Books:

      What is the latest TPOTY portfolio book?

      The most recent TPOTY portfolio book is Journey Four containing the winning images from 2010 and 2011. If you visit the blog or sign up for the TPOTY newsletter we'll keep you updated with plans for the next one.

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